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Toilet Installation & Repairs

Toilet Installation & Repairs

Toilet Installation & Repairs in Melbourne

Flush all that shit out of your house at once with efficient toilet system.

We all want the best toilet system in place to ensure the house has highest-level of sanitation. Wrongly fit toilet seats or failing flush system are one of the biggest nightmares of homeowners. While you will never want to do it on your own cause it’s no fun, it is important to attend such problems as soon as they start. Installation, repair and maintenance of toilet system is a task that demands skills and expertise and we have got both.

Toilet installation and repair in Melbourne:

Common toilet fittings problems and malfunctions:

  • Improperly fitted toilet seat or cistern
  • Leakage in the wall
  • Running water in the bowl
  • Slow or noisy water filling in the cistern.
  • Water dripping from bowl or cistern
  • Water leakage during the flush

The professional way to do the dirty job:

At AMPM Plumbing, our skilled team is readily available to take charge of your new and existing toilet projects. Our experts can offer you the best toilet installation and repair service in Melbourne. We install, fix and maintain your toilets to ensure you do not have to get your hands dirty. We bring you many services including:

  • Installation of toilet seats and cisterns
  • Unblocking the toilets
  • Treat any leakage in and around the bowl

Replace damaged parts and install new ones


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